Lead Generation

G-Force Media Services realises that every company trading relies on leads. Inbound leads become one of the most important factors of any business large or small.

We also realised that a single Pay Per Click campaign might not always be enough to feed your hungry sales team. With this in mind we developed our own in-house system called LeadSeeker.


With LeadSeeker you have the ability to send out your requirements to the LeadSeeker Affiliate Network. You can set a price per lead you are willing to pay, we always advise to make this look like an inviting payout to give the affiliates the motivation needed to start promoting your services and start generating you leads.

You can also select quality, for example you could insist you only want to receive leads via Pay Per Click networks or you could allow affiliates to use mailers which would be lower quality.

With LeadSeeker you can also build your own custom lead form with the exact criteria you require when a prospect (lead) fills out a form on an affiliate site.

LeadSeeker has inbuilt postcode lookups, telephone validation, lead duplication plus much more. This makes for a very robust lead and makes sure you don’t receive any duff leads. Any duff leads can be struck of the system or can be held for approval.

It’s common knowledge that all Pay Per Click networks only allow one advertiser per sets of keywords. With LeadSeeker and the affiliates this allows you to advertise more than once and benefit from a larger volume of leads.

However before you qualify to use LeadSeeker you will have first had to run a standard test campaign.